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Volume 46, Issue 1 January 2018

[+] Prevalence of augmented renal clearance and performance of glomerular filtration estimates in Indigenous Australian patients requiring intensive care admission
D. Tsai, AA. Udy, PC. Stewart, S. Gourley, NM. Morick, J. Lipman, JA. Roberts
[+] The effect of sevoflurane on the transmural dispersion of repolarisation in patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus: a prospective observational study
V. Thiruvenkatarajan, J. Jeyadoss, V. Rao Kadam, LY. Du, W-M. Liu, RM. Van Wijk
[+] The impact of alcohol-related admissions on resource use in critically ill patients from 2009 to 2015: an observational study
PJ. Secombe, PC. Stewart
[+] The use of a simple three-level bronchoscopic assessment of inhalation injury to predict in-hospital mortality and duration of mechanical ventilation in patients with burns
MT. Aung, D. Garner, M. Pacquola , S. Rosenblum, J. McClure, H. Cleland, DV. Pilcher
[+] The establishment of an anaesthetist-managed intraoperative neurophysiological monitoring service and initial outcome data
BL. Olesnicky, RJ. D'Souza, D. Jayram, OMO. Kim, A. Rehak
[+] Associations of fluid amount, type, and balance and acute kidney injury in patients undergoing major surgery
L. Weinberg, MHG. Li, L. Churilov, A. Armellini, M. Gibney, T. Hewitt, CO. Tan, R. Robbins, D. Tremewen, C. Christophi, R. Bellomo
[+] Predicting medical emergency team calls, cardiac arrest calls and re-admission after intensive care discharge: creation of a tool to identify at-risk patients
YH. Ng, DV. Pilcher, M. Bailey, CA. Bain, C. MacManus, TK. Bucknall