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Volume 46, Issue 2, 145-248 March 2018

[+] Morbid obesity impairs adequacy of thoracic compressions in a simulation-based model
PJ. Secombe, R. Sutherland, R. Johnson
[+] The effect of inhalational anaesthesia during deceased donor organ procurement on post-transplantation graft survival
S. Perez-Protto, R. Nazemian, M. Matta, P. Patel, KJ. Wagner, SQ. Latifi, DJ. Lebovitz, JD. Reynolds
[+] The effect of a multifaceted postoperative nausea and vomiting reduction strategy on prophylaxis administration amongst higher-risk adult surgical patients
A. Pym, E. Ben-Menachem
[+] Should ongoing airway education be a mandatory component of continuing professional development for College of Intensive Care Medicine Fellows?
DJ. Brewster, CP. Nickson, JJ. Gatward, M. Staples, F. Hawker
[+] Morbidity of cardiac arrest in the very elderly
TL. Paterson, SD. Bruins
[+] Patients retrieved to intensive care via a dedicated retrieval service do not have increased hospital mortality compared with propensity-matched controls
PT. Maclure, S. Gluck, A. Pearce, ME. Finnis
[+] An observational study of perioperative risk associated with aortic stenosis in non-cardiac surgery
PA. MacIntyre, M. Scott, R. Seigne, A. Clark, F. Deveer, I. Minchin