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Volume 46, Issue 5, 437-552 September 2018

[+] Fasting or starving? Measurement of blood ketone levels in 100 fasted elective and emergency adult surgical patients at an Australian tertiary hospital
RJ. Burstal, JR. Reilly, B. Burstal
[+] Does a catheter over needle system reduce infusate leak in continuous peripheral nerve blockade: a randomised controlled trial
RM. Edwards, DA. Currigan, S. Bradbeer, C. Mitchell
[+] A randomised controlled trial comparing fibreoptic-guided tracheal intubation through two supraglottic devices: Ambu® AuraGain™ laryngeal mask and LMA® Fastrach™
G. Preece, I. Ng, K. Lee, P. Mezzavia, R. Krieser, DL. Williams, O. Stewart, R. Segal
[+] Inhalational versus propofol-based total intravenous anaesthesia: practice patterns and perspectives among Australasian anaesthetists
A. Lim, S. Braat, J. Hiller, B. Riedel
[+] Attitudes and self-reported end-of-life care of Australian and New Zealand intensive care doctors in the context of organ donation after circulatory death
YY. Lee, K. Ranse, W. Silvester, A. Mehta, FMP. Van Haren