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Volume 39, Issue 6, 989-1172 November 2011

Cover Note
The history of premedication
C. Ball, RN. Westhorpe
Do we understand the impact of altered physiology, consequent interventions and resultant clinical scenarios in the intensive care unit? The antibiotic story
J. Lipman, AA. Udy, JA. Roberts
Bayesian statistics: how to quantify uncertainty
TJ. McCulloch
[+] Hydrogen peroxide – a party trick from the past?
CJ. Reid, M. Alcock, D. Penn
Critically Appraised Topic
[+] Laryngeal mask airway for airway control during percutaneous dilatational tracheostomy
T. Pratt, J. Bromilow
Original Paper
[+] A comparison of three minimally invasive cardiac output devices with thermodilution in elective cardiac surgery
TD. Phan, R. Kluger, C. Wan, D. Wong, AC. Padayachee
[+] Comparison of fluid compartments and fluid responsiveness in septic and non-septic patients
M. Sánchez, M. Jiménez-Lendínez, M. Cidoncha, MJ. Asensio, E. Herrero, A. Collado, M. Santacruz
[+] Optimal dose of vancomycin for treating methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus pneumonia in critically ill patients
J. Chung, JM. Oh, EM. Cho, HJ. Jang, SB. Hong, CM. Lim, YS. Koh
[+] An anatomical study of the intradural space
CB. Collier, MA. Reina, A. Prats-Galino, F. Machés
[+] Relationship between intracranial pressure monitoring and outcomes in severe traumatic brain injury patients
S. Haddad, AS. Aldawood, A. Alferayan, NA. Russell, HM. Tamim, YM. Arabi
[+] Effect of statins on the clinical outcomes of patients with sepsis
J. Goodin, C. Manrique, M. Dulohery, J. Sampson, M. Saettele, O. Dabbagh
[+] Aminotransferase levels in relation to short-term use of acetaminophen four grams daily in postoperative cardiothoracic patients in the intensive care unit
SJGM. Ahlers, L. van Gulik, EPA. van Dongen, P. Bruins, D. Tibboel, CAJ. Knibbe
[+] A randomised controlled trial of pharmacist medication histories and supplementary prescribing on medication errors in postoperative medications
SB. Marotti, RK. Kerridge, MD. Grimer
[+] Evaluating sleep characteristics in intensive care unit and non-intensive care unit physicians
G. Ok, H. Yilmaz, D. Tok, K. Erbüyün, S. Çoban, G. Dinç
[+] Two-dimensional mapping to assess direction and magnitude of needle tip error in ultrasound-guided regional anaesthesia
S. Hebard, G. Hocking, K. Murray
[+] International retrieval of adults on extracorporeal membrane oxygenation support
P. Forrest, JY. Cheong, MP. Vallely, PJ. Torzillo, PN. Hendel, MK. Wilson, PG. Bannon, MS. Bayfield, R. Herkes, SW. Walker
[+] A triad algorithm for analysing individual ante- and post-mortem findings to improve the quality of intensive care
M. Podbregar, E. Kralj, R. Cicak, A. Pavlinjek
[+] Comparison of the Bonfils and Levitan optical stylets for tracheal intubation: a clinical study
A. Webb, H. Kolawole, S. Leong, TE. Loughnan, T. Crofts, C. Bowden
[+] A comparison of the forces applied to a manikin during laryngoscopy with the GlideScope® and Macintosh laryngoscopes
T. Russell, C. Lee, M. Firat, RM. Cooper
[+] Evaluation of a humidified nasal high-flow oxygen system, using oxygraphy, capnography and measurement of upper airway pressures
JE. Ritchie, AB. Williams, C. Gerard, H. Hockey
[+] Benefits and risks associated with the R100 high frequency oscillatory ventilator for patients with severe hypoxaemic respiratory failure
T. Niwa, R. Hasegawa, M. Ryuge, M. Kawase, Y. Kondoh, H. Taniguchi
[+] Surgical tension pneumothorax during laparoscopic repair of massive hiatus hernia: a different situation requiring different management
S. Phillips, GL. Falk
Case Report
[+] Thrombotic microangiopathy in two tiger snake envenomations
AJ. Casamento, GK. Isbister
[+] Nasogastric medication for perioperative Parkinson’s rigidity during anaesthesia emergence
P. Stagg, T. Grice
[+] Acute dapsone overdose: the effects of continuous veno-venous haemofiltration on the elimination of dapsone
VA. Masurkar, MD. Edstein, CJ. Gorton, CM. Anstey
[+] Jet ventilation for the excision of vocal cord polyps in a pregnant patient
H. El Shobary, M. Gauthier, T. Schricker
[+] Hypnosis for cataract surgery in an American Society of Anesthesiologists IV physical status patient
G. Kiss, J. Butler
Abstract of ANZICS
Intensive care unit volume – outcome relationship: is bigger better?
B. Abbenbroek, C. Duffield, D. Elliott
Procedural characteristics and outcomes of three intensive care based, nurse-led catheter placement services
E. Alexandrou, M. Murgo, E. Calabria, T. Spencer, H. Carpen, K. Brennan, S. Frost
The treatment of severe and severe complicated malaria in young children in a resource-poor setting – lessons for Australasian intensive care units (ALIMA/BEFEN malaria project, Niger)
N. Blackwell, M. Oumarou, H. Illa, M. Oumarou, E. Gignoux
Preservation of lung volume during cleaning of closed suction catheters: a pilot study using electrical impedance tomography
A. Corley, N. Sharpe, L. Caruana, A . Spooner, J. Fraser
Erythromycin does not reduce small intestinal nutrient absorption in the critically ill
AM. Deane, M. Summers, A. Zaknic, G. Wong, A. DiBartolomeo, J. Sim, M. Bellon, A. Maddox, R. Fraser, M. Chapman, M. Horowitz
Ten-year review of intensive care services in Victoria
GJ. Duke, A. Barker, M. Graco, J. Santamaria
Arterial oxygen tension and mortality in mechanically ventilated patients
GM. Eastwood, R. Bellomo, M. Bailey, G. Taori, DV. Pilcher, P. Young, R. Beasley
Massive haemorrhage and transfusions each change coagulation plasma factors
S. Foley, YL. Fung, M. Varzeshi, G. Simonava, HL. Do, A. Staib, J. Fraser
Detrended fluctuation analysis of ventilation in healthy infants
C. Grant, G. Stern, C. Thamrin, T. Riedel, U. Frey, A. Schibler
Omission of early thromboprophylaxis and mortality in critically ill patients: a multicentre cohort study
KM. Ho, S. Chavan, DV. Pilcher
Long-term outcomes of patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for severe acute respiratory distress syndrome
CL. Hodgson, K. Hayes, T. Everard, VA. Pellegrino
Lung recruitment by manipulating positive end-expiratory pressure following endotracheal suction improves end-expiratory lung volume and oxygenation
J. Jauncey-Cooke, T. Pham, C. Grant, F. Bogossian, C. East, A. Schibler
Plasma-Lyte 148 versus bicarbonate balanced crystalloid as cardiopulmonary bypass circuit primes: both reduce plasma sodium and tonicity
TJ. Morgan, P. Davies, G. Power, B. Venkatesh, JJ. Presneill
Quality-of-life and residual pulmonary function following H1N1-09 influenza pandemic: a single centre follow-up study
M. Pendyala, V. Nayyar, R. Dwyer, P. Wu, S. Ladanyi, ER. Stachowski
Waist circumferences correlates with obesity and morbidity better than body mass index in intensive care patients
J. Raj, SL. Peake, JL. Moran, J. Herman, R. Kelly
Discharge planning in Australasian intensive care units
J. Santamaria, GJ. Duke, DV. Pilcher
Between fluid balance and changes in body weight in the critically ill patient
A. Schneider, I. Baldwin, E. Freitag, N. Glassford, R. Bellomo
Small intestinal nutrient-stimulation of superior mesenteric artery blood flow may be attenuated in older critically ill patients
J. Sim, L. Trahair, R. Goud, M. Summers, A. Zaknic, C. Rayner, M. Chapman, T. Hausken, M. Horowitz, K. Jones, AM. Deane
Cardiac troponin I does not predict mortality in critically ill patients with severe sepsis
R. Tiruvoipati, N. Sultana, D. Lewis
Blood product storage age and type determine pathophysiology of TRALI
J. Tung, Y. Fung, M. Nataatmadja, K. Colebourne, A. Barnett, K. Glenister, A. Zhou, P. Wood, C. Silliman, J. Fraser
Acute respiratory management of tetraplegia in intensive care unit: a retrospective medical chart review
B. Wadsworth, E. Iliff, C. Hackett, PS. Kruger
Remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia for labour: a complete audit cycle
ML. Allen
Remifentanil patient-controlled analgesia for labour: a complete audit cycle – Reply
U. Buehner
Dantrolene preparation
T. Russell, A. Steel
Dantrolene preparation – Reply
Y. Kugler, WJ. Russell
Perceived pain during neuraxial anaesthetic insertion; is this influenced by the words used?
W. Camann, AM. Cyna
Survey of medication error among anaesthetists in Singapore
U. Shridhar Iyer, KK. Fah, CK. Chong, J. Macachor, N. Chia
Neuraxial anaesthesia in MELAS syndrome
MT. Blair, G. Heard
Rocuronium reversed by sugammadex for electroconvulsive therapy in a patient with prolonged duration of action of succinylcholine
WA. Visser, AAM. Ermens, HD. de Boer, E. van Os
With the advent of sugammadex, a succinylcholine-free anaesthetic in electroconvulsive therapy may be the future standard
TKF. Chow
Ventilator malfunction due to water condensation during low flow anaesthesia
KO. Kim
Ultrasound-guided in-plane supraclavicular approach for central venous catheterization in patients with underlying bleeding disorders
K. Takechi, S. Tubota, T. Nagaro
Analgesic outcomes with epidural infusions for acute postoperative pain: modest benefits or wrong measure?
M. Reeves
Sonographic anatomy of the subclavian vein: does shoulder retraction improve exposure?
SJM. Hale, GB. Hill, MD. Stringer
Follow-up of patients after testing for anaesthetic allergy
M. Fisher, MA. Rose
A survey of exposure to ultrasound imaging techniques and teaching amongst Australian anaesthesia trainees
CK. Wong, JL. Lee, A. Chuan
Media Review
Handbook of Communication in Anaesthesia and Critical Care: A practical guide to exploring the art.
MR. Lorimer
Miller’s Anesthesia, Seventh Edition
TG. Short
International Anesthesiology Clinics. Special Considerations in Anesthesiology: Cases from the Midwest Anesthesia Resident Conference. 2.0
MW. Skinner
International Anesthesiology Clinics. Regional Anesthesia for Ambulatory Surgery: Patient Centered Outcomes and Health Economics 3.0
M. Gray
Atlas of Regional Anesthesia. Fourth Edition.
TJG. Pavy
Handbook of Pain Relief in Older Adults: An Evidence-Based Approach. Second Edition
KE. Khor
NAP4. 4th National Audit Project of the Royal College of Anaesthetists and the Difficult Airway Society. Major Complications of airway management in the United Kingdom. Report and Findings March 2011
MS. Waddington