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Volume 40, Issue 3, 379-582 May 2012

Cover Note
The first anaesthetic ventilators
CM. Ball, RN. Westhorpe
Probit analysis, combined spinal and epidural and the duration of spinal block in the obese patient
LAH. Critchley
Training in echocardiographic haemodynamic assessment in the intensive care unit. How much is enough?
M. Corkeron
[+] The PiCCO monitor: a review
E. Litton, M. Morgan
Original Paper
[+] The effect of body mass index on spinal anaesthesia for total knee replacement arthroplasty: a dose-response study
WH. Kim, JH. Lee, JS. Ko, H.J. Ahn, SK. Park, MS. Gwak, GS. Kim
[+] Efficacy of an intravenous bolus of morphine 2.5 versus morphine 7.5 mg for procedural pain relief in postoperative cardiothoracic patients in the intensive care unit: a randomised double-blind controlled trial
SJGM. Ahlers, L. van Gulik, EPA. van Dongen, P. Bruins, EMW. van de Garde, WJ. van Boven, D. Tibboel, CAJ. Knibbe
[+] Lactate/pyruvate ratio as a marker of tissue hypoxia in circulatory and septic shock
R. Rimachi, F. Bruzzi de Carvahlo, C. Orellano-Jimenez, F. Cotton, JL. Vincent, D. De Backer
[+] Assessing the performance of a continuous infusion for potassium supplementation in the critically ill
R. Chalwin, JL. Moran, SL. Peake, S. Flynn, J. Pieterse, P. Williams
[+] Elimination of teicoplanin by adsorption to the filter membrane during haemodiafiltration: screening experiments for linezolid, teicoplanin and vancomycin followed by in vitro haemodiafiltration models for teicoplanin
Y. Shiraishi, M. Okajima, Y. Sai, K. Miyamoto, H. Inaba
[+] Enhanced Recovery After Surgery program for elective abdominal surgery at three Victorian hospitals
EGE. Thompson, ST. Gower, DS. Beilby, S. Wallace, S. Tomlinson, GD. Guest, R. Cade, JS. Serpell, PS. Myles
[+] Cyanoacrylate tissue adhesives – effective securement technique for intravascular catheters: in vitro testing of safety and feasibility
G. Simonova, CM. Rickard, KR. Dunster, DJ. Smyth, D. McMillan, JF. Fraser
[+] Accuracy of ProSeal™ laryngeal mask airway intracuff pressure estimation using finger palpation technique – a prospective, observational study
PF. Teoh, E. Seet, J. Macachor, N. Chia
[+] In vitro thrombotic tendency of reactive thrombocytosis in critically ill patients: a prospective case-control study
OC. Duff, KM. Ho, SM. Maybury
[+] Predictive performance of Acute Physiological and Chronic Health Evaluation releases II to IV: a single New Zealand centre experience
SL. Mann, MR. Marshall, BJ. Woodford, A. Holt, AB. Williams
[+] Preparation of Datex-Ohmeda Aestiva® and Aisys® anaesthetic machines for use in malignant hyperthermia susceptible patients
C. Jones, K. Bennett, TW. Kim, TF. Bulger, N. Pollock
[+] Evaluation of the interpretative skills of participants of a limited transthoracic echocardiography training course (H.A.R.T.scan® course)
CF. Royse, DL. Haji, JG. Faris, MG. Veltman, A. Kumar, AG. Royse
[+] Dreaming during sevoflurane or propofol short-term sedation: a randomised controlled trial
GH. Xu, XS. Liu, FQ. Yu, EW. Gu, J. Zhang, K. Wang
Point of View
[+] Circumcision of neonates and children without appropriate anaesthesia is unacceptable practice
BR. Paix, SE. Peterson
Clinical Experience
[+] Donation after cardiac death in Queensland: review of the pilot project
R. Kumar, K. Shekar, N. Widdicombe, JF. Fraser
Case Report
[+] Successful perioperative management of a patient with C1 esterase inhibitor deficiency with a novel bradykinin receptor B2 antagonist
KT. Senaratne, AM. Cottrell, RL. Prentice
[+] Perineural entrapment of an interscalene stimulating catheter
SD. Adhikary, K. Armstrong, KJ. Chin
Corrigendum: Explanation for similar data and text
JA. Loadsman, NM. Gibbs
[+] Erratum: An analysis of computer-assisted pre-screening prior to elective surgery
NM. Gibbs
Abstract of APS
Perioperative risk factors for the development of chronic post thoracotomy pain syndrome
S. Anwar, R. Thomas, T. Wodehouse, R. Langford
Patient goals and the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health: examining the content validity and clinical utility of the low back pain core sets
KS. Bagraith, J. Hayes, J. Strong
Sutureless peripheral nerve repair
M. Barton
Is attendance by significant others at a cognitive behavioural pain management program associated with improved outcomes?
LR. Beeston, MK. Nicholas, C. Brooker, MJ. Cousins, AR. Molloy, L. Buckmaster, M. de Sousa, D. Finniss, S. Overton, L. Tonkin, B. Wood
Pain assessment documentation practices in the neonatal intensive care unit
AL. Brunt
The use and documentation of oral sucrose on a neonatal intensive care unit
A. Brunt
On how chronic pain became a disease and whether that is valid
D. Buchanan, M. Cohen, J. Quintner
Back to life – development and implementation of a multidisciplinary group for the management of chronic back pain
EM. Casey, LM. McCalman
It’s not the same morph: a multi-disciplinary approach to improve hyrodmorphone prescribing, dispensing and administration in a large teaching hospital
E. Chan, D. D’Souza, S. Pagett, H. Van de Pol, A. Ku, C. Lee, E. Tran, L. Koller, P. Lee
Identifying the neural correlates of chronic low back pain: a pulsed arterial spin labelling functional magnetic resonance imaging study
LJ. Cole, JC. Patti, MN. Hogg, MJ. Farrell
The clinimetric properties of the Radboud Skills Questionnaire and the human activity profile for adult upper limb complex regional pain syndrome.
AE. Daly, J. McGinley, C. Martin, AE. Bialocerkowski
Forgiveness, psychological distress and chronic pain: have we missed something?
G. Dewar, ALJ. Burke, H. Winefield, P. Strelan
Report on chronic pain relief of various illnesses via Faradarmani
E. Esmaeili, F. Ashrafi-Amineh, S. Saie Joeghan
Pregenual cingulate cortex functional connectivity with motor processing regions is decreased in low back pain patients compared to controls
MJ. Farrell, LJ. Cole, JC. Patti, MN. Hogg
Assessment and management of pain in chronic wounds: a national survey of Australian health care practitioners caring for people with chronic wounds
N. Frescos, SJ. Gibson, R. Nay, D. Fetherstonhaugh
Analgesia before performing subarachnoid block in the sitting position in patients with proximal femoral fracture: a comparison between fascia iliaca block and femoral nerve block
A. Ghimire, B. Bhattarai, S. Koirala
The challenges of parenting in the context of paediatric chronic pain: preliminary discussion of a parent education intervention
M. Goodison-Farnsworth, T. Lang, D. Png, M. McCormick, M. Glogauer, D. Anderson, C. Chapman, D. Champion
Migraine and non-migraine headaches in children and adolescents: a twin family case-control study of genetic influence, pain and psychological associations
S. Gunalan, CA. Chapman, GD. Champion, PW-Y. Lee, MW. Wong, A. Coenders, K. Findeisen, L. Ligthart, T. Jaaniste, W. Qiu, J. Hopper, S. Berkovic, I. Andrews
Understanding the symptomatology and sub-types of tension type of headache: a pilot, cross-sectional study
X. Hao, K. Greenwood, L. Dong, CC. Xue, Z. Zheng
Pain management for the next generation – traditional materials rejuvenated to meet their needs
AL. Hawkes, L. Hudson
Phone follow up – auditing the impact on a paediatric pain service
N. Haynes, C. McLean, K. Cannons, M. Cluff, L. Lane, J. Collins
Using educational visiting to address the judicious use of opioid therapy in chronic pain
E. Hurley, K. Lembke, L. Atkins
Paediatric sedation practices in Australian nuclear medicine departments
M. James, E. De Kluiver, M. Crawford, C. Chapman
Is there a gender difference in chronic pain outcomes? Results of a seven year prospective postal survey
G. Jastrzab, TG. Tay, KE. Khor, C. Courtney, E. Schneider
Trial of a post discharge pain clinic in a private hospital in Western Australia: a retrospective audit
J. Kelly, M. Ridger
Patient-controlled intranasal fentanyl analgesia during childbirth
DC. Kerr, D. Taylor, B. Evans
Growing pains: a twin family case-control study of genetic influence, pain and psychological associations
PW-Y. Lee, GD. Champion, CA. Chapman, S. Gunalan, MW. Wong, A. Coenders, K. Findeisen, T. Jaaniste, W. Qiu, J. Hopper, S. Berkovic
Assessment and management of adult cancer pain: lessons from a systematic review and synthesis of qualitative studies
M. Lovell.
Spiritual well-being in people with chronic pain: a pilot study
R. McCabe, L. Critchley, G. Tague, R. Murray, T. Maunsell, A. Asghari, P. Siddall
Somatosensory testing in children and adolescents with chronic pain: a cross-sectional study, with controls, of correlations with psychological and pain measures
S. Mehta, M. McCormick, D. Png, GD. Champion, CA. Chapman
Initial treatment outcomes from a pilot pain management program using a biopsychospiritual approach
R. Murray, R. McCabe , G. Tague, L. Critchley, A. Asghari, T. Maunsell, P. Siddall
Identifying opioid risk in patients already prescribed an opioid for chronic pain: an analysis of new patients in an Australian pain clinic
N. Muscat, J. Worrell, A. Gibbs
Role of low-threshold unmyelinated mechanoafferents in allodynia
SS. Nagi, DA. Mahns
Oral tramadol preparation audit
S. Penrose, M. Kruger, AR. Bjorksten, B. Sadler, GA. Chalkiadis
Pain in paediatric oncology: a review of the literature
K. Plummer
Parental psychosocial factors and the experiences of children and adolescents with chronic pain: a cross-sectional association study
D. Png, M. Goodison-Farnsworth, M. Glogauer, D. Anderson, C. Chapman, D. Champion
Pain education one-day program for high functioning clients
JK. Ralph, A. Schuurs, D. Doherty, AL. Hawkes, L. Hudson
Development and validation of a clinical prediction rule to identify both chronicity and recovery following whiplash injury
C. Ritchie, J. Hendrikz, J. Kenardy, M. Sterling
Patterns of prescription opioid use for non-cancer pain in the 45 and up study cohort
K. Rogers, A. Kemp, A. McLaughlan, F. Blyth
The reboot program – a new less-intensive outpatient pain management program: preliminary evidence
R. Schultz, M. Lau, S. Faux, T. Gardner
Fusing graded exposure into the structure of a pain management program – a novel approach to running pain groups
A. Schuurs, D. Doherty, AL. Hawkes, L. Hudson, J. Ralph
Identifying potential sensory patterns for persistent pain
A. Schuurs, AL. Hawkes
Role of c-tactile fibres in modulation of muscle pain
S. Shaikh, SS. Nagi, DA. Mahns
Do participants with chronic temporamandibular disorder benefit from a cognitive-behavioural therapy-based pain management program?
M. Siu, M. Borromeo, L. Hardwick
Central hyperexcitability and brain processing changes in patients with chronic whiplash associated disorder
AM. Stone, MJ. Farrell, R. Cunnington, M. Sterling
Use of the painDETECT questionnaire as a tool for somatosensory profiling in patients with neck-arm pain
B. Tampin, K. Briffa, H. Slater
Nursing manpower acute pain services Australia: a pilot survey
J. Trinca
Assessment of pain using patient-reported outcomes in the milnacipran development program for the management of fibromyalgia
O. Vitton, P. Bunouf
The S*K*E*C*H project: supporting knowledgeable and empowered communities in the Hunter New England
CR. Wales, F. Hodson, C. Hayes
Survey of Australian Pain Society Conference attendees regarding beliefs about chronic musculoskeletal pain
VJ. Wilk, MJ. Farrell, B. Moreira
A pain management program for elderly people in a rural setting
S. McCarron, J. Cunningham, EM. Strydom, J. Wood
Patient experience and attitude to usage of opioid medications for chronic non-cancer pain: a qualitative study
Z. Zheng, C. Paterson, K. Ledgerwood, C. Arnold, M. Hogg
Statistical standards in journal articles
PD. McLoughlin
Statistical standards in journal articles – Reply
NM. Gibbs
Sugammadex antagonising rocuronium in three patients with liver dysfunction undergoing transjugular intrahepatic portosystemic shunt
C. Batistaki, P. Matsota, KA. Kalimeris, E. Brountzos, GG. Kostopanagiotou
The surgical management of intracranial hypertension following traumatic brain injury
S. Honeybul, KM. Ho
Sevoflurane and airway anaesthesia
LP. George
"HAIR" - a useful mnemonic
DM. Linton, S. Sviri, A. Bayya, PV. van Heerden
Methanol: don't forget the ethanol
JP. Grewal, JS. Singh, J. Lipman
Acute pancreatitis after propofol infusion in a teenage patient
TW. Ting, JH. Lee
[+] Multi-organ failure following severe cocaine-tetramisole intoxication in a body-packer
E. Giuliani, G. Albertini, C. Vaccari, A. Manenti, A. Barbieri
Emergency lung ultrasound examination for the diagnosis of massive clotted haemothorax in a two cardiac surgery patients
T. Saranteas, E. Santaitidis, V. Valtzoglou, GG. Kostopanagiotou
Use of the Airtraq optical laryngoscope for flexible bronchoscopy in the intensive care unit
RM. Corso, M. Terzitta, E. Piraccini, V. Agnoletti, G. Gambale
The management of extracorporeal carbon dioxide removal device in a diffuse alveolar haemorrhage
JC. Lopez-Delgado, J. Sabater-Riera, RE. Avila-Espinoza
Catastrophic left heart distension following initiation of venoarterial extracorporeal membrane oxygenation for fulminant myocardiits in a patient with mild aortic regurgitation
D. Sidebotham, S. Allen, A. McGeorge, J. Beca
Serum lactate dehydrogenase as early marker of posterior reversible encephalopathy syndrome: keep your eyes open
M. Vargas, G. Servillo, P. Striano
Media Review
Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Pain Management for the Cancer Patient
RS. Simpson
Anesthesia Outside of the Operating Room
RI. Limb
Essential Clinical Anesthesia
TG. Short, G. Willemsen
Examination Intensive Care Medicine. Second edition
PV. van Heerden
Monitoring in Anesthesia and Perioperative Care
P. Peyton