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Volume 46, Issue 6, 553-640 November 2018

Cover Note
The early history of extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
PJ. Featherstone, CM. Ball
A data sharing policy for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care
JA. Loadsman
The Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Jeanette Thirlwell Best Paper Award turns 21, and our first Junior Investigator Award
MG. Cooper, JA. Loadsman
Mostly harmless?
J. Sleigh
Case Report
[+] Epinephrine (adrenaline) preventing recovery from intraoperative anaphylactic shock complicated by systolic anterior motion of the mitral valve with left ventricular outflow tract obstruction on transoesophageal echocardiography
PHM. Sadleir, RC. Clarke, BSL. Lim, PR. Platt
[+] Adhesive arachnoiditis following inadvertent epidural injection of 2% chlorhexidine in 70% alcohol—partial recovery over the ensuing eight years
I. Mohamed Iqbal, R. Morris, M. Hersch
[+] Hyperinsulinaemic euglycaemic therapy use in neurogenic stunned myocardium following subarachnoid haemorrhage
BT. Chandler, P. Pernu
Original Paper
[+] Retrieval of critically ill adults using extracorporeal membrane oxygenation: the nine-year experience in New South Wales
DE. Austin, B. Burns, D. Lowe, B. Cartwright, A. Clarke, M. Dennis, M. D'Souza, R. Nathan, PG. Bannon, D. Gattas, M. Connellan, P. Forrest
[+] Vitamin D status and supplementation in adult patients receiving extracorporeal membrane oxygenation
P. Nair, B. Venkatesh, DJ. Hoechter, H. Buscher, S. Kerr, JR. Center, JA. Myburgh
[+] Postoperative cognitive dysfunction after sevoflurane or propofol general anaesthesia in combination with spinal anaesthesia for hip arthroplasty
Y. Konishi, LA. Evered, DA. Scott, BS. Silbert
[+] Peripheral tissue oxygenation and the number of organs transplanted per donor
SE. Perez-Protto, JD. Reynolds, R. Nazemian, J. You, JS. Hata, SQ. Latifi, DJ. Lebovitz
[+] Preoperative gastric residual volumes in fasted patients measured by bedside ultrasound: a prospective observational study
Y. Ohashi, JC. Walker, F. Zhang, FE. Prindiville, JP. Hanrahan, R. Mendelson, T. Corcoran
[+] The effect of preload on electromyographic train-of-four ratio at the first dorsal interosseous muscle during spontaneous recovery from neuromuscular blockade
A. Bansal, PA. Stewart, S. Phillips, S. Liang, X. Wang
[+] An audit of the diagnostic accuracy of rotational thromboelastometry for the identification of hypofibrinogenaemia and thrombocytopenia during cardiopulmonary bypass
SA. Matzelle, WM. Weightman, NM. Gibbs
Functional assessment tools in the intensive care unit: are we comparing apples and oranges?
A. Taylor, V. Sarode, DJ. Brewster
It's hard to kill off an old paradigm—starvation in the midst of plenty
PD. McLoughlin
In reply
R. Kerridge, J. Luu, I. Whyte, F. Prior, DA. Story
Persistent opioid use after arthroplasty
MJ. Lennon, FJ. Torlot, J. Micallef, RJ. Khan, P. Vasantharao
Primum non nocere: greening anaesthesia
RH. Burrell
Use of the LMA® Gastro™ Airway, a novel dual channel laryngeal mask airway, for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography: a report of two cases
MW. Skinner, PS. Galloway, DJ. McGlone, C. Middleton
A cost comparison between total intravenous and volatile-based anaesthesia
DH. Lam, MD. Ng
In reply
GTC. Wong, MG. Irwin
Postoperative residual curarisation is still an issue when weaning patients in intensive care following cardiac surgery
G. Cammu, E. Neyens, J. Coddens , F. Van Praet, K. De Decker
Media Review
Anaesthesia, Intensive Care and Perioperative Medicine A-Z: an Encyclopaedia of Principles and Practice, 6th edition. Steve Yentis, Nicholas P. Hirsh and James Ip. Published by Elsevier, 2018. ISBN: 9780702071652. pp. 654. A$147.95
M. Miller
A Practice of Anesthesia for Infants and Children (6th edition). Charles J. Coté, Jerrold Lerman, Brian Anderson. Published by Elsevier, 2018. ISBN 9780323429740; pp. 1,192. A$250.21
S. McLaughlin