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Volume 43, Issue 6, 675-806 November 2015

[+] Necrotising soft tissue infections: the effect of hyperbaric oxygen on mortality
B. Devaney, G. Frawley, L. Frawley, DV. Pilcher
[+] The incidence of ocular candidiasis and evaluation of routine ophthalmic examination in critically ill patients with candidaemia
S. Gluck, WG. Headdon, DWS. Tang, IB. Bastian, MJ. Goggin, AM. Deane
[+] Deviation from accepted drug administration guidelines during anaesthesia in twenty highly realistic simulated cases
CS. Webster, E. Andersson, K. Edwards, AF. Merry, J. Torrie, JM. Weller
[+] Idiopathic interstitial pneumonia in the ICU: an observational cohort study
FE. Martinez, R. Panwar, E. Kelty, N. Smalley, C. Williams
[+] Fast-track rapid warfarin reversal for elective surgery: extending the efficacy profile to high-risk patients with
TJ. Byrne, B. Riedel, HM. Ismail, A. Heriot, R. Dauer, D. Westerman, JF. Seymour, K. Kenchington, K. Burbury
[+] Overcoming barriers to the mobilisation of patients in an intensive care unit
S. Dafoe, MJ. Chapman, S. Edwards, K. Stiller
[+] High-risk residual gastric content in fasted patients undergoing gastrointestinal endoscopy: a prospective cohort study of prevalence and predictors
S. Phillips, SS. Liang, A. Formaz-Preston, PA. Stewart
[+] The effects of haemodilution with hydroxyethyl starch 130/0.4 solution on coagulation as assessed by thromboelastography and platelet receptor function studies in vitro
P. Williams, K. Yang, G. Kershaw, G. Wong, S. Dunkley, PCA. Kam
[+] Teaching and learning in undergraduate anaesthesia: a quantitative and qualitative analysis of practice at the University of Auckland
NS. Sidhu, JM. Weller, SJ. Mitchell
[+] Characteristics and expectations of fluid bolus therapy: a bi-national survey of acute care physicians
NJ. Glassford, SL. Jones, J. Mårtensson, GM. Eastwood, M. Bailey, AM. Cross, DMcD. Taylor, R. Bellomo
[+] Evaluation of perioperative predictors of acute kidney injury post orthotopic liver transplantation
KH. Wyssusek, ALB. Keys, J. Yung, ET. Moloney, P. Sivalingam, SK. Paul
[+] Effects of dialysis modality on blood loss, bleeding complications and transfusion requirements in critically ill patients with dialysis-dependent acute renal failure
R. Pschowski, S. Briegel, S. Von Haehling, W. Doehner, TO. Bender, UF. Pape, D. Hasper, A. Jörres, JC. Schefold