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    Checklist for Authors - Manuscript


    Does the introduction adequately:

    • State the problem?
    • Review the background to the study?
    • State the aims?
    • Is the introduction of reasonable length (two to four paragraphs)?

    Materials and Methods

    • Are ethical issues addressed?
    • Are the subjects and method of recruitment detailed?
    • Are inclusion or exclusion criteria adequately defined?
    • Is the method of randomisation described?
    • Are the study and control groups clearly described?
    • Is the equipment adequately described?
    • Are the study methods clear and appropriate?
    • Has the sample size been justified?
    • Are the statistical analyses suitable?


    • Are study numbers stated and withdrawals accounted for?
    • Are the results stated with adequate detail and clarity?
    • Are the statistical analyses clearly presented?
    • Are the figures and tables clear and appropriate descriptive legends included?
    • Is repetition of results avoided?


    • Does the initial section of the discussion relate to the main findings?
    • Does the discussion add usefully to the paper?
    • Does the discussion:

                          i.        fairly review previous work? 

                         ii.        adequately consider limitations of the study? 

                        iii.        draw logical conclusions? 

                        iv.        indicate areas requiring further study?

    • Do the conclusions answer the aims of the study?
    • Are the conclusions justified by the results of the study?


    • Is the number of references reasonable?
    • Are the references relevant and representative of a balanced view?
    • Are important references omitted?
    • Are the references formatted according to the “Instructions to Authors”?

    Checklist for Authors - before online submission

    Before you have submitted your manuscript, please ensure the following have been completed: 



    • Please make sure your paper reads well in English.  If you think your written English may not be strong enough, obtain the help of a fluent speaker to read over your paper.  
    • Please make sure spelling and punctuation have been checked and converted to Australian English.
      This can be done via Word.  Check for any errors that appear

    Key Words

    • Include these on the first page of the Manuscript.
    • These are important for search optimization on PubMed.
    • Keywords can be generated by using the MeSH on Demand tool.  Simply insert your manuscript or summary into the field and it will pull some suggested keywords.  Include which ones you think are relevant.  Make sure the words are converted to Australian English.

     Figures and Tables

    • Ensure they are compliant with the specifications in the Author Style Guide.


    • Check your references. These MUST be added to the submission before the submission can be Accepted.
    • Please attempt to validate all references and take note of the specific directions in reference to loading the references onto your submission.
    • Ensure the list of references is also included in the manuscript as well as the submission.
    • Do not ‘link’ your in text references to their full reference at the end of the text. Simply superscript the number and include the reference at the end. 


    Title and Short Title

    • Clear, Australian/British English spelling.
    • Make sure you have included a Short Title.  No longer than 60 characters.
    • Don't forget to include the Short Title in the Submission page too.

     Author Information

    • Ensure the spelling of authors’ names are consistent in the submission Author Details, the manuscript, the signed author statement and anywhere else their names may appear.
    • Qualifications: MD, PhD etc. are mandatory.
    • Affiliation: Position/Job Title, Department, Institution, City and State/Country are mandatory.

     Signed Author Statement

    • As mentioned in our terms and conditions, we require you to submit a statement signed by all authors declaring that they have:

      “read and accept the Terms and Conditions for Anaesthesia and Intensive Care Submissions as outlined in the submission process and affirm that this manuscript is an honest, accurate and transparent account of the study, case or topic being reported; no important aspects have been omitted; and any discrepancies from the study as planned (and, if relevant, registered) have been explained"

    • The role of each author in the study should also be described briefly. An example can be found here